Exhibition „BER – No flight leaves to nowhere“

A photographic discovery tour

I went on a discovery tour at the not opend BER. At this Berliner „Coitus Interruptus” exceptional encounters take place. The airport presents spaces, which are being utilized for a cultural usage by restaging them in a intimate manner. A new conquest and a recapture through the people of Berlin and other extraordinary, enchanting, interesting and random human beings.

What: Judith Bader – Fotoausstellung “BER – Es geht kein Flug nach Nirgendwo“
When: 01.– 29. September 2017 

Homepage: http://www.languageandart.de/judith-bader/

Where: PharoDercks Sprache & Kunst – Schönhauser Allee 58 – 10437 Berlin

Judith Bader at BER Airport Berlin

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